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Jan 28, 2020 12:09 AM
Hey, everyone loves a team-up, but who the hell is Ryou? Was Wolverine sick? Al, get my agent on the phone.
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The bar's in a classically crappy part of town. Nearby are sex shops, liquor stores, a few late night greasy food places, a massage parlour/brothel and the sort of alley in which people shoot Batman's parents.

"Do you sparkle?"


"Does your entire thought process consist of slightly relevant references?"

Three blocks away, the basement of a rundown, mostly abandoned building has a surprisingly expensive lock. 

Ryou opens it. 


"..No." He sounds offended.

There's also murder, boobies, food, self-loathing, Thor's sexy butt wiggle...


That was kind of a reference. Also, this is probably really confusing for the readers who've only seen the movie.


If they've only seen the movie they have failed at nerd. And should read my character description.

"Will you stop that? There's a cute girl here and she wants me to be less meta!"


"If this entire thing is an elaborate attempt to fuck me, I will cut off all your limbs and leave your torso in a coffin twenty feet underground," she says in a conversational tone. 




"If you start enjoying it, I'll switch to something else."

She opens the door.

The room inside is clean and spartan. It contains a fold-up cot, a lockbox, a mini-fridge, and a large pile of shiny things that seems to mostly be jewelry. 


He waits to be invited in.

"But no, I'm a feminist! I value women for things other than their bodies! Like their freaky mutant powers!

That said, if you did wanna..." In lieu of finishing the sentence, he waggles his eyebrows suggestively.


She waves him in.

"Tell me why you're here. Then I'll decide if having a partner who can't die sounds like a good waste of an evening."


"Yes ma'am."

He sounds mildly surprised that she even sounds like she's considering it.

He pauses. It might be the first time he's stopped talking.

"Can you cure cancer?"


"I can. I probably won't. Someone you know dying?"


"Not... exactly."

Recap time!

"I have cancer. Of the everything. Weapon X did weird science on me, gave me some of Wolverine's DNA, and I got a version of his healing factor. It keeps me alive, but it also sent the cancer into overdrive. I'm basically dying of cancer all the time without the bit where you actually die. It's super not fun. And there are... side effects."


Ryou tilts her head in a silent question. 


He sighs. Takes off his mask.

He does it quickly, like ripping off a band-aid. 



She reaches out and touches his face with her fingertips.


He stiffens, almost a flinch. But lets her.


A few seconds later, she pulls her hand back.

"Can't help. Sorry."


He quickly puts his mask back on.

"What, just like that? You could try! I'll pay you. A lot. A stupid amount."


"Healing the cells would only fix it for a few minutes. A permanent fix is technically possible, but would have side effects worse than the scars. There's no amount of money that would convince me."


"I will take side effects. You're so... pretty!"

Nice insult.

"You don't know what this is like. I don't care what the side effects are, I don't care if it - "

He stops. Breathes.

"Fine. Not money. What would convince you?"


"If it was only you taking them, I'd do it, but it's not. I get the side effects too and they scale with the severity of the injury."

She shakes her head.

"No. You can't convince me."


He hits the wall. It makes a dent.

It also probably breaks most of the bones in his hand, but that doesn't seem to concern him.

"I'll buy you a new wall." He says, vaguely.

"You can't... shouldn't have told me it was possible, if. You know. Mean."

He flexes the broken hand. Concentrates on popping the twisted fingers back to the right angles.


"Probably not."

She sighs.

"If I can do it, maybe someone else can too, without the consequences. Or, if you find a way to make yourself not a mutant, come back and I'll fix your cancer."


"I've looked. I've tracked people down. You don't think 'guy can cure cancer' would be big news?

Healing or doing permanent physical change on other people is a stupid rare power type. If I was just crazy or something I could have my pick of mind-fucker types, but nooo -"

His head jerks back to her as he stops mid-stream.


I'm not a mutant."


"You're something similar. But that doesn't matter, what matters it that you're making new cancer constantly. That's what I can't fix."


"As I understand it, that's like - healing factor plus cancer. I'm not making cancer out of nothing, it's the thing cancer does anyway but supercharged. If I didn't have cancer, I wouldn't keep making more cancer. Wolverine is like 300 and smokes cigars all day and has the same healing factor, and he doesn't have cancer."

We said cancer too many times and now it doesn't sound like a word anymore.

"But if what we needed was to suppress the healing factor to give you time to work, we could do that! I've been down-powered or de-powered, like... three times? Six? I forget what's been ret-conned. The point is I can do that."

He's still talking a mile a minute, just like he was before they got here. The tone is a touch more 'maniac desperation' than 'wacky banter', but it seems like 'talking all the goddamn time' is a trait of his in almost any mood.

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